Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Fortunately / Unfortunately with Room 5

Unfortunate Caterpillars

By Shayna

One day, there were three caterpillars.
Unfortunately, they were tiny.
Fortunately, they grew.
Unfortunately, a bird ate one of them.
Fortunately, the other two survived.
Unfortunately, they had to say goodbye to their friends.
Fortunately, they went into a chrysalis.
Unfortunately, one ate the chrysalis.
Fortunately, the other one turned into a butterfly.

The Witch

By Larisa and Zoe

One day, there were two children.
Unfortunately, a witch came.
Fortunately, there was a house made of gingerbread and candy.
Unfortunately, they ate the house.
Fortunately, they got away.
Unfortunately, the witch made a bubble to trap them.
Fortunately, the bubble wasn't strong.
Unfortunately, the witch got ahead and did stronger magic.
Fortunately, they did a sharp turn

Kitten Mischief

By Kira and Samantha

One day, there was a kitten.
Unfortunately, she had to take a bath.
Fortunately, it was a bubble bath.
Unfortunately, she made a mess.
Fortunately, she got invited to a party.
Unfortunately, she was busy and couldn't go.
Fortunately, she went anyway.
Unfortunately, she got kicked out of the party.
Fortunately, today was her birthday.

The Neverending Story

By Johnny and Aaron

One day, a boy named Brady played Terria.
Unfortunately, his computer blew up.
Fortunately, he got a new one.
Unfortunately, his house blew up.
Fortunately, he lived in newspaper.
Unfortunately, it blew away.
Fortunately, he lived in the sewers.
Unfortunately, there were crocodiles.
Fortunately, he got away.
Unfortunately, he got eaten but was still alive.
Fortunately, he lived in the crocodile.
Unfortunately, the crocodile died.
Fortunately, it had laid eggs.
Unfortunately, some didn't hatch.
Fortunately, Brady had a knife with a pickle on it and cut open his egg.

Froggy is Missing!

By Justin

One day, there was a cat named Mr. Jinks and he had a frog.
Unfortunately, a robber took it.
Fortunately, Mr. Jinks jumped over the robber.
Unfortunately, he fell.
Fortunately, he could fly.
Unfortunately, he flew into a shark's mouth.
Fortunately, he opened the shark's mouth.
Unfortunately, the robber could fly.
Fortunately, Mr. Jinks found a phone and called the police and got his frog back.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Book Fair - 1st Day

Glad to see that lots of kids found books they liked today and started reading them already!

Friday, May 5, 2017

Fortunately / Unfortunately with Grade 2

Thanks to for the idea and the image.
Today in second grade, we read Fortunately by Remy Charlip, a story that follows Ned through a series of problems and resolutions.

Then we wrote our own version as a class ... the kids much preferred coming up with the "unfortunately" parts!

Finally, the students paired up to write and illustrate even more versions. I'll post pictures of them working together - and their stories - next week. For now, enjoy the stories they wrote as a group:

Room 4

One day, Wally got ice cream.
Unfortunately, it dropped on the ground.
Fortunately, he did the 5-second rule and was able to eat it.
Unfortunately, it melted.
Fortunately, his mom accidentally got two ice creams.
Unfortunately, his dog ate the extra one.
Fortunately, a man gave Wally his ice cream.
Unfortunately, he realized he wanted the ice cream and took it back.
Fortunately, it started to rain ice cream, so Wally ate it all.
Unfortunately, he got all sticky.
Fortunately, he had a shower right next to him that had been delivered by a spaceship.
Unfortunately, it was made out of glass.
Fortunately, he could buy curtains for it.
Unfortunately, the glass broke while he was showering.
Fortunately, he did a Harry Potter spell, and his clothes went back on.

Room 5
One day, there was a monster in the woods near the school.
Unfortunately, he ate children.
Fortunately, the children got away.
Unfortunately, he had no one to eat.
Fortunately, there was an army coming his way.
Unfortunately, the army had weapons.
Fortunately, he had his own weapon.
Unfortunately, it wasn't working.
Fortunately, the monster also had his own army of monsters.
Unfortunately, they had to go tinkle in the woods.
Fortunately, the monster didn't get hit by any of the human army's weapons.
Unfortunately, his girlfriend Barbara did get hit.
Fortunately, she came back to life.
Unfortunately, it was as a ghost.
Fortunately, she could go through stuff.
Unfortunately, the monster then got hit.
Fortunately, the monster army's tinkle was poisonous, so they peed on the human army.
Unfortunately, the army had monster busters.
Fortunately, the monster came back and ate the army and smooched his girlfriend.
Unfortunately, he went right through her because she was a ghost.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Grade 3 Loves The Wild Robot!

Oh my goodness. I am so excited that the third graders like "The Wild Robot" by Peter Brown so much. An accomplished picture book creator, Brown has written his first novel, and it's on the 2018 Rhode Island Children's Book Award list. I love this book!

I started reading it today to the third graders, and they independently drew pictures inspired by the illustrations as I read. Looking forward to continuing the book next week! I love these kids!

Edited to add Twitter response from the author/illustrator: