Sunday, December 13, 2015

Retelling Cinderella with Room 9

In 5th grade, we are reviewing the difference between retelling and summarizing a story. Retelling has lots more details and may contain dialogue, like Room 9's retelling of "Cinderella." The kids took turns adding sentences to the story below:

Ms. Moore's favorite retelling is "Ever After," starring Drew Barrymore.
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A long time ago, there lived a girl whose mother died. Her dad married another woman, and they were really mean (she had two daughters who were brats). She was doing chores all day (which is why they called her Cinderella - cinders are ashes, and she was always dirty) and never left the house, but she wanted to go on a date.

So one day they got invited to the ball, but they said, "Cinderella, you can't go because you have to do chores. You can go if you finish all your chores and help your sisters get ready." And then they tore apart her dress. She fell down in tears.

The fairy godmother came and was really creepy. They turned a pumpkin into a carriage and then a duck into a man and then she went to the ball and met a beautiful handsome man. But she had to be back by 12 a.m. She danced with the prince and then the clock struck 12. On the way out, she lost her shoe. Then she went in the carriage, but she didn't get back in time.

Then the prince went looking around the town to see whose foot fit the shoe. So the prince met the two stepsisters, and it didn't fit, and they were like, "Oh, but, of course it fits!" and they locked Cinderella in the attic. C's mice slipped her the keys under the door, and she got out.

Then she ran down the stairs, and the evil mother said "She can't try on the shoe, she's just a maid," but the prince said "All maidens can try the shoe on." Then the evil mother said, "You can't marry my prince!" But Cinderella married the prince, and they all lived happily ever after.

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