Saturday, August 13, 2016

Trillion Dollar Footprint with Grade 6

We discuss digital citizenship in library class, and Common Sense Media has some good lessons that I use with the fifth and sixth graders.

Near the end of this past school year, we did "Trillion Dollar Footprint"; the kids play the role of television producers choosing a host for a talent show. They have to sift through online evidence that a "private investigator found via social media and decide which candidate should get the job." 

Here they are, deep in discussion:

The students were able to defend their choices with evidence - some picked "Linda," some picked "Jason," and some picked neither. All of their arguments were based on posts, photos, and comments that were found online. In the end, I think they all understood the objectives of the lesson:
  • Define "digital footprint" as the profile that is created from all the information posted about you online
  • Realize that your information can be searched, copied and passed on
  • Understand that your digital footprint can be helpful or harmful to your reputation

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