Sunday, February 12, 2017

Talking Books Program

From the RI Office of Library and Information Services:

Talking Books Plus is a program for those who cannot read standard print materials because of a physical handicap, blindness, visual impairment or dyslexia. The audio books can be downloaded to a PC or mobile device or the patron can request digital books that are played on a digital player provided free of charge through NLS, the National Library Service, Library of Congress.

All materials, equipment, postage, etc. is free of charge to any qualified applicant. There are over 26,000 digital books on cartridge and over 87,000 downloadable books. If a patron requests a title that is not available, we can usually have the title duplicated for them and sent out right away.

We know that there are many more individuals in this state who would qualify for these services, but are just unaware of them. The digital player is very easy to use, similar to using a tape player, and applications are usually processed within 1 week. Institutions can also establish membership for their clients at nursing homes, etc. It’s really a great program!  Please spread the word.

To learn more about the OLIS, Talking Books Plus program and to get an application, please go to our website

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