Friday, April 28, 2017

Oops, Pounce, Quick, Run!

The Theodore Geisel Award, named after Dr. Seuss, goes to the author(s) and illustrator(s) of the "most distinguished American book for beginning readers published in English in the United States during the preceding year." Thanks to DonorsChoose, we have all of the 2017 winners in the Oak Lawn library, and I was able to share them with all students in grades K-2.

One of the Honor books - Oops, Pounce, Quick, Run! by Mike Twohy - inspired me to create a new lesson. The story is told in just about 30 words, all in alphabetical order. After we read it, 1st and 2nd graders created their own four-panel alphabetical-order stories/cartoons. I'll be putting them together in a binder that can be checked out.

In the meantime, here are a few of my favorites:

We found some acrobatics at the circus.
It was a bouncy circus.
There were lots of funny dancers.
There were elephants standing on balls.
The elephants were very flexible.

"Do you want Brussels sprouts?"
Kira the
mouse said


Nom nom nom

Samantha got in a fight with a
tiger. She won, and the tiger went
up to heaven, where he played the

Stop it!
Tell the mouse I am going to catch him
Uh-uh, you can't run away.
Very fast, huh?

Room 1 ended up with two apple stories:

Bite it!
Catch it!
Done with apple.
Everyone eat apples!
Found another apple!
Green apple.
How about we eat the apple?
I've had enough apples!
Just enough apples for one day.
Kick all the apples!
Lick them first.
Make evil apples!
Now rise, my evil apples!
"Ouch! That hurt, evil apple!"
Pie apple, rise!
Queen apple, rise!
Rise, Lady Liberty.
Sees every person.
Take their money!
Underwear for the apples.
Vendor apple.
Wiser apples.
X-ray that apple.
"Yahoo!" said the apple.
Zap the apple's guts.

Apples everywhere!
Bad apples.
Caramel apples.
Dirty apples.
Everywhere I go, apples appear!
Fun, fun, fun, we have fun picking apples!
Good apple.
Happy apples.
Icy apples.
Jiggling apples.
Karate apples.
Light-up apples.
Makeup apples.
Nutty apples.
Open-mouth apples.
Peanut-free apples.
Quiet apples.
Rainbow apples.
Simple picking apples.
Teepee-shaped apples.
Ugly apples.
Violent apples.
Writing apples.
Xylophone apples.
Yo mama apples.
Zebra apples.

Can you make a story from these class word lists?

Apple Bat Collar Dog
Everywhere Fun Good Hat
I Julia Kindergarten Liliana
Man Nuts Oak Lawn Paulie
Queen Ring Sophia Top
Underwear Vincent Wind
CoX Yellow Zebra

Andrew Baby Cat Daddy
Ed Fat Game Happy
It's Jump rope Kailer Lamp
Map Nickel Okolowitcz Pizza
Quilt Rat Said Truck
Unicorn Van Went
Xavier Yolk Zigzag

Apple Ball Cat Dog
Egg Funny Good Hat
Itch Juice Kite Little
Man Not Octopus Pig
Queen Rat Snake Top
Up Van Wind
Xray Yarn Zebra

Joe Kamrin Lillian
Mason Natalie Octopus Pop
Quinn Rat Snake Tristan
Unicorn Veterinarian Water
boX Yellow Zebra
Apple Benjamin Chloe Domenic
Emma Fan

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