Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Grade 3 Autobiography Poems

I spent the last hour or so of the school year with the third graders; as their final assignment, they created autobiography poems. I'll give them back at the end of fifth grade so they can see how they have (or haven't) changed. For now, here are some of the ones that students were ok with me sharing online (some ran out of time to finish all of the lines):

Funny, curious, athletic, friendly
Sister of Shepherd and Holden
Likse reading, riding her bike, playing soccer and softball, and hanging out with family and friends
Dislikes potatoes
Needs a book to read ... once she finishes, needs a different book
Dreams of meeting her Pawpaw
Wants to be an electrical or aerodynamics engineer
Would like to meet Barack Obabma
Wants to go to Washington D.C.

Friendly, funy, kind, super
Loves her family and pets
Likes reading, dancing, skating, and playing outside or inside
Dislikes mean people
Needs to read
Dreams of having magic powers
Wants to be a nurse practitioner
Would like to meet Trump
Wants to go to all of the U.S. states

Room 17 student
Cute, silly, playful, nice
Son of his mom
Likes playing and snuggling
Dislikes meanness
Dreams of having fun all day
Wants to be a great person
Wants to go to Disneyland
Room 17 student

Curious, nice, sporty, artistic
Granddaughter of James Manzi
Likes playing soccer, doing chemistry, planting, playing outside, and ice cream
Dislikes violence
Needs food, water, sleep, music at night, a night light, and lots of milk
Dreams of having a mansion, being rich, and having three huskies
Wants to be a famous soccer player
Would like to meet Sabrina Capenter and Sofia Carson
Wants to go to Florida and Hawaii

Room 18 student
Pretty, friendly, nice, good at cursive
Grandaughter of Peter
Likes art, animals, clothes, and making brownies
Dislikes (sadly) bacon
Room 18 student

Nice, graceful, dancer
Cousin of Samantha Boffi and Mike Ryan
Likes dogs, books, and dancing
Dislikes buillies
Dreams of being the best dancer
Wants to be a special education teacher and a pro dancer
Would like to meet Jiff Pom
Wants to go to Disney

Room 18 student
Funny, fast, flexible, great climber
Daughter of her mom
Likes riding her wheels that she has, simming, and electronics
Dislikes when people are mean
Needs funnies in her life
Dreams of being a mermaid or unicorn
Would like to meet a unicorn
Wants to go to Disneyland and Great Wolf Lodge
Room 18 student

Dancer, funny, weird, cool
Granddaughter of Georgia Damashi Cormier
Dislikes going on roller coasters
Needs bows, chocolate, dogs, unicorns, and mermaids
Dreams of being a professional softball player
Wants to be a famous person
Would like to meet JoJo, Sabrina Carpenter, or Sofia Carson
Wants to go to Hollywood

Room 17 student
Curious, majestic, hyper, positive
Daughter of her parents
Likes dinosaurs, food, sleep, drawing, animals, and her family
Dislikes homework
Needs her doggos, her family, food, and sleep
Dreams of studying for her PhD at Princeton in paleontology
Wants to be a paleontologist
Would like to meet Tim Burton
Wants to go to California
Room 17 student

Friendly, silly, creative, crazy
Granddaughter of Joann Jonston
Likes airplanes, Florida, swimming, her siblings, and ice cream
Dislikes fighting
Needs sleep, lots of juice, music, and going to the store
Dreams of having a big family
Wants to be a teacher
Would like to be a unicorn
Wants to go to California

Room 18 student
Generous, friendly
Sister of Bob Kabush
Likes reading, baking, playing with her dog
Dislikes mean or grumpy people
Needs water, sleep, and dogs
Dreams that because of her, there are no such things as kill shelters
Wants to be a soccer player
Would like to meet Alex Morgan
Wants to go to Utah and see Best Friends Animal Shelter
Room 18 student

Bob Kabush
Weird, nice, friendly, awesome
Brother of Peppa Pig
Likes sports, falling, and being weird
Dislikes annoying people
Needs food and water
Dreams of being a sports star
Would like to meet Tom Brady
Wants to go to California
Bob Kabush

Room 17 student
Silly, crazy, kind, sensitive
Sister of her sister
Likes videogames and animals
Dislikes mean people
Needs sleep
Dreams of being a zookeeper or vet
Wants to go to Disney
Room 17 student

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