Thursday, August 3, 2017

RICBA Trailers, Online Form, eBooks Available

I finally finished reading all of the RICBA nominees ... kids, how many have you made it through? As a reminder, here's the list of books. (Titles in blue have book trailers available.) All you need to do is read 3 of them to vote in February. You'll have to read more than 3 to participate in the Rooster Games ... but more on that later (we're meeting with Miss Emily at the public library later this month to figure out how they'll work).

If you've read any this RICBA nominees this summer, you can submit your forms online - fill out a new one for each book.

If you'd like to read a RICBA nominee online, I JUST figured out how to set that up for you using Destiny Discover. Here's what you need to do (12 are currently available):

Via computer

1. Click on this link and then log in

  • User Name: CKL and your lunch code (school ID number)
Example: CKL12345
  • Password: Your birthday in 6 digits (MMDDYY)
Example: If you were born on May 5, 2009, your password would be 050209

2. Search for the book

3. When you find it, click on the "Checkout" button to claim it.

Via a device

To check out the e-book to a device like a phone or tablet, download the Destiny Discover app. Once installed and open, it will ask you to find your library and then have you log in.

NOTE: Any checkouts to your account will be available via all platforms.

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