Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Frog on a Log?

The spring book fair is next week, and I got a preview pack from Scholastic. One of the books is "Frog on a Log?," in which Cat bosses around all the animals; they have to sit on something that rhymes with their name. In light of the doves on gloves and apes on grapes, we came up for seating arrangements for the first grade (note, for rhyming purposes, we had to use some middle and last names):

  • Moores sit on doors
  • Mike site on bikes
  • Peters sit on heaters
  • Miles site on piles, files, and tiles
  • Rose(s) sit on toes
  • Clives sit on hives
  • Lees sit in trees
  • Shannons sit on cannons
  • Flynns sit on Wynns (and vice versa)
  • Jakes sit on rakes
  • Ps sit in tea
  • Maisies sit on daisies
  • Neris sit on berries
  • Aves sit on pave(ments)
  • Lanes sit on canes

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