Thursday, May 12, 2016

Room 17 Autobiography Poems

April is National Poetry Month, so I tried to do something poetic in many of our library classes.

In third grade, the kids had just finished their final assessment on how to use the online catalog to find books on the shelf; the rule of thumb I gave them was that nonfiction books have actual numbers in their call numbers. However, one section defies the rule: biographies (it's B plus the subject's last name ... e.g. B Moore for a book about me).

 I decided to combine a lesson about biography call numbers with a poetry assignment. Here is Room 17 working on theirs, as well as some of their poems after the photos.

Smart, funny, creative, friendly
Brother of Jake and Ben
Likes superhero memes and his friends
Dislikes buillies
Needs lots of sleep, food, and awesomeness
Dreams of being a superhero and a Youtuber
Wants to be a superhero and a Youtuber
Would like to meet himself from the future
Wants to go to another universe

Awesome, cool, generous, friendly
Brother of Stephen
Likes playing games, watching TV, playing Nerf, and breaking fences
Dislikes spoilers
Needs to be comfy
Dreams of jumping off a building
Wants to be a firefighter
Would liked to meet John Cena
Wants to go to heaven and see what it looks like

Room 17 student
Funny, smart, friendly, pretty
Member of the S. family
Likes reading, playing, watching Food Network, trying new foods
Dislikes being bullied
Needs to go outside more
Dreams of meeting Dove Cameron
Wants to be an artist
Would like to meet Grover Cleveland
Wants to go to New York
Room 17 student

Confident, friendly, sporty, funny
Daughter of my dad
Likes music, singing, and dancing
Dislikes brussels sprouts and death
Needs food, communication, and shelter
Dreams of winning 1,000,000,000 dollars
Wants to be a musician
Would like to meet Josh Dunn and Tyler Joseph
Wants to go to Italy

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