Thursday, December 29, 2016

Retelling Cinderella with Room 12

In 5th grade, we are reviewing the difference between retelling and summarizing a story. Retelling has lots more details and may contain dialogue, like Room 12's retelling of "Cinderella." The kids took turns adding sentences to the story below:

Ms. Moore's favorite retelling is "Ever After," starring Drew Barrymore.
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Once upon a time, there was a young lady named Cinderella. She had been bullied by her older stepsisters, who had treated her terribly. She wanted to go to a ball, but her stepsisters told her that she had to stay home and do the chores like scrub the floor. But C. wanted to go to the ball anyways. So she made herself a dress, and the stepsisters ripped it up. 

Her fairy godmother appeared. She granted C. wishes and gave her a new dress. She also turned a pumpkin in to a carriage. She gave her glass slippers all in a single wave of her wand. She told her, "Don't stay at the ball until 12 because your dress and everything that I gave you will disappear."

C. snuck out to the ball and Prince Charming fell in love with her. She forgot the warning until midnight, and realized that she was still there at midnight, and ran away. But she dropped her glass slipper, and PC picked it up. 

Later in the morning, the prince was trying to see who lost the glass slipper. When he got to C's house, her stepsisters locked her in a closet so she could not try on the slipper. But C.'s singing attracted the prince, and freed her and gave her the slipper to try on. When PC realized it C's slipper, they lived happily ever after.


After we retold Cinderella in four paragraphs, it was time to summarize it in a couple of sentences. The method I taught the 5th graders is Somebody Wanted But So Then. Here are some of the summaries they came up with: 

Wanted to go to the ball, 
But her stepsisters told her she couldn't.
So her fairy godmother came and gave her what she wanted.
Then she met Prince Charming and lived happily ever after.

The stepsisters
Wanted to not let Cinderella go to the ball.
But the fairy godmother showed up.
So Cinderella went to the ball.
Then the stepsisters got mad at her.

Prince Charming
Wanted to find the person who fit the shoe.
But he couldn't find her.
So Cinderella sang in the closet.
Then Prince Charming found her and freed her.

The Fairy Godmother
Wanted Cinderella to have a good time. 
But she was only allowed to stay until midnight.
So when it reached midnight, Cinderella came home.
Then Prince Charming came and found her.

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