Thursday, December 29, 2016

Summarizing Rumpelstiltskin with Grade 5

In fifth grade, we practiced the Somebody / Wanted / But / So / Then method of summarizing a story. Here is what the students came up with for Rumplestiltskin after I read them Paul O. Zelinsky's retelling:

The miller
wanted to impress the king and show him that his daughter could spin straw into gold.
But she had to do it before dawn.
So she saw a little man who she traded valuables [with] for him to spin the gold.
Then he wanted her baby for it, and she had to know his name to keep the baby. - K.D.

The king
wanted the girl to make straw into gold,
but the girl didn't know how.
So the little man did it for her.
Then the king married the girl. - N.L.

The miller's daughter
wanted to live.
But if she didn't spin gold, she would die.
So a little man did it for her.
Then she had to do it again. - C.R.

The miller's daughter
wanted to survive.
But to survive, she had to make gold.
So she traded everything she had to R.
Then she had to find out his hame, or R. would take the baby. - E.C.

wanted to help the miller's daughter,
but he wanted something in return.
So he asked the girl, when she became queen, to give him her first child.
Then he didn't get what he wanted. - L.J.

wanted the queen's child,
but she could keep her child if she could guess his name.
So she had one of her servants go to his house and find out his name.
Then the servant found out his name, so she got to keep the baby. - A.B.

The queen
wanted to keep her child.
But she promised the little man to give him her child in turn to make gold.
So the little man told her if she found out his name, then she could keep the child.
Then the queen's servant discovered his name, and the queen kept her son. - J.H.

wanted to have the first-born baby,
but the queen pleaded, and he said, "If you guess my name, you may keep him."
So she tried every name and failed.
The she sent her servant to find out his name. - L.G.

The little man
wanted the girl's child,
but she wouldn't give her child to him.
So he said to guess his name, or he would take her son away.
The she guessed it right, and they never saw the little man again. - V.A.

wanted the baby,
but the queen guessed his name correctly.
So he got really really mad,
then flew away on his cooking spoon. - J.K.

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