Thursday, April 28, 2016

Fortunately / Unfortunately with Room 4
We read Fortunately by Remy Charlip, a story that follows Ned through a series of plot complications and resolutions.

Then the kids worked on their own versions. Here are some pictures of them at work, as well as some of their stories. I'm hoping to start a whole book of these that we can have in the library for kids to check out.

A Story by Emmy, Colin, Emma, Maya, and Sean

One day, a fairy ran into a dragon.

Fortunately, the dragon was nice.

Unfortunately, the dragon breathed fire.

Fortunately, the fairy was fireproof.

Unfortunately, she was allergic to dragon scales.

Fortunately, she got away.

Unfortunately, there was a tiger in the cave she ran into.

Fortunately, she had pixie dust and put it on the tiger. He went out and busted through the ceiling and got caught on a tree.


Fortunate and Unfortunate with a Monkey
By Jace and Jayden

One day, a monkey's mom said "Go play out with your friends."

Fortunately, he can walk to the end of the city.

Unfortunately, he got hit with a bat.

Fortunately, ran away up a hill.

Unfortunately, the hill was a dragon that sprayed hot sauce bombs.

Fortunately, he ran fast.

Unfortunately, the dragon sniped him with one of his bombs.

Fortunately, he jumped in a lake.

Unfortunately, there were alligators in the lake.

Fortunately, he ran out again.


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