Monday, April 11, 2016

Room 2 Similes

It's National Poetry Month! To celebrate, we're reading "A Poem in Your Pocket" in first grade. The students in the book learn about similes, where two things are compared using the words "like" or "as." I asked Room 2 to come up with their own similes, and they had fantastic ideas:

  • Fierce as a tiger
  • Strong as 8 tigers
  • Small as a mouse
  • Bad as a tarantula
  • Fast as a cheetah
  • Dirty as a pig
  • Clean as a cat
  • Bouncy as a bunny
  • Still as a statue
  • Flat as a piece of paper 
  • Pale as a vampire
  • Sneaky as a ninja
  • Funny as a cat in a sombrero with a mustache

I also asked the kids if they had favorite poems, and it turns out that they have learned a ton by heart with Mrs. Russell. Here they are reciting one for me ... note the dramatic gestures and faces! 

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