Thursday, April 21, 2016

Room 15 Collective Nouns

Fourth-graders learned about collective nouns, which describe groups of people, places, or things. Some are general - a class of students or a team of players. But others can be quirky and actually work like adjectives - a splash of mermaids or a crash of rhinos. They might describe a noun's appearance, characteristics, habitat, actions, or sound.

For our first lesson, the students paired up and read through books of collective nouns (you'd be surprised how many there are), choosing a couple to explain. For example, "a tower of giraffes is describing the tallness of them," and "a smack of jellyfish is because they flop around in the water."

During the second lesson, they came up with collective nouns to describe a group of themselves. The words they chose were definitely accurate ... when I read some of them out loud, the kids guessed IMMEDIATELY which classmates had used them. 

They also came up with some new collective nouns for celebrities:

  • a slam dunk of Michael Jacksons
  • a split of Gabby Douglases
  • a bend of Beckhams
  • a guitar of Taylor Swifts
  • a meat dress of Lady Gagas

What new fun collective nouns can YOU think of?

Common Core standard addressed: L.4.5. – Demonstrate understanding of figurative language, word relationships, and nuances in word meanings.

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